About: Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County


The Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County (FACT) was established in 1971 when six community organizations recognized the need for mutual support & coordination of the arts and cultural organizations. Our mission is “to improve the quality of life in Trumbull County, by fostering the arts.” FACT receives funding through corporate, foundation and individual donations.

FACT is always looking for volunteers and people willing to assist us in making the arts an integral part of everyday life in Trumbull County. If you’d like to carve pumpkins, greet people during our summer season or just help to spread the word, we can use your help. To volunteer, or for information about membership contact FACT at info@TrumbullArts.org

Coming Events

Friday, July 1stsummerfest 2016

Summerfest Parade  11:30 – 12:30

Chalk on the Walk : 12:30 – 2:30fact chalk on the walk logo

Sponsored By:

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FACT will provide free chalk to kids on Courthouse square to end Summer Fest in conjunction with “Trumbull Art Gallery’s Summerfest”


Friday, July 1st Noon – 1:30 PM: Top Notes Playing at Courthouse Square



Warren Homecoming

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warren homecomming

It’s where your heart is.
September 23-25, 2016

What Is It?

Many of the people who left Warren over the past 40 years remain closely connected to their home town.

They have friends and family here, and for many of them Warren will always be home.We are going to celebrate that enduring connection at Warren Homecoming this Fall, both the people who stayed and the people who left.

Together we’re going to throw the biggest party in Warren’s history.Homecoming is just what it sounds like, but it isn’t affiliated with any one school or class — it’s for everybody! ……………. read more