About: Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County


The Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County (FACT) was established in 1971 when six community organizations recognized the need for mutual support & coordination of the arts and cultural organizations. Our mission is “to improve the quality of life in Trumbull County, by fostering the arts.” FACT receives funding through corporate, foundation and individual donations.

FACT is always looking for volunteers and people willing to assist us in making the arts an integral part of everyday life in Trumbull County. If you’d like to carve pumpkins, greet people during our summer season or just help to spread the word, we can use your help. To volunteer, or for information about membership contact FACT at info@TrumbullArts.org


Artists sought for Warren

WARREN — The Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County wants to fill the empty homes and commercial properties in the city with artists, and it will have the help of an Austintown digital marketing company to do it.

Actionable Insights is developing a marketing campaign to target working artists in other major metropolitan areas and sell them on the economic benefits of moving to Warren.

“The target audience is successful artists who have a business up and running, doing well, who are in New York City, because that’s where you start,” AI President Jason Wood said. “They end up in brownstones that cost thousands of dollars a month. The geography of where you live, once you’re already rolling, becomes less important.”

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