Merryl Berner Cicourel

A view of the Garden


A pride of banners preliminary drawing III







The work of California artist, Merryl Berner Cicourel, is both highly inventive and beautifully accomplished. She is blessed with a remarkable ability to achieve what Rauschenberg devoted his life to…being able to identify strongly with his materials and to understand their unique personalities. Cicourel’s work reminds us of the fact that really great artists meet the challenge which every work presents. This exhibition is clearly a celebration of creativity and the documentation of an amazing artistic journey. The Butler Institute of American Art is indeed honored to host it.

Louis Zona

Director, Butler Institute of American Art

My work draws upon a strong commitment to folk and contemporary art. The images I work with evolve from personal experiences, including observations of a broad range of landscapes and sacred settings that exist in various cultural traditions. Local ecological forms have become the genre for the subjective landscapes that are transformed into visual narratives. Certain types of imagery are a focus of attention; for example, geological forms as they exist in nature or have been manipulated and fashioned by a human hand.

The images are derived from realistic sketches, drawings, paintings or photos and reduced in the artistic process to their abstract essence while maintaining integrity of form, movement, and spontaneity.

Many of the wall-mounted sculptures are fabricated from heavy gauge aluminum. Individual modules of these sculptures frequently serve a dual purpose as printing plates in the traditional printmaking process, as well as incorporating them into the aforementioned individual sculptures. Each work became a melding of painting, drawing, printmaking techniques and sculpture. The metal sculptures reflect their surroundings and change as their ambient lighting conditions are altered.