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The mission of the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County is to promote the arts and arts organizations in our community.


FACT will be recognized as a leader in the arts community of Northeast Ohio by providing services to artists and arts organizations, fostering collaboration between artists, arts groups, and other community agencies, serving underserved audiences and promoting the role and importance of art and culture to the region’s economic development.

  • That the arts change lives

  • That the arts are an economic development tool for community leaders

  • That citizens’ benefit from a strong and active arts community

  • That FACT’s Board of Directors holds FACT in trust for the community

  • That programming should reflect our community’s diversity and needs

  • That FACT should seek partnerships in the community to advance its mission

  • That the arts should be shared by the citizens of the Mahoning Valley

  • To provide opportunities for area artists and art educators to do their work in our community

  • To provide the community access to a variety of art education programs

  • To serve as fiscal agent for new and emerging arts and culture organizations or artist led projects in order to support growth and economic development in our region.

  • To provide community groups and individuals access to arts programming

  • To reach out to our community by developing programs that serve underserved audiences

  • To provide resources in the arts to our community

  • To pursue cooperative ventures with area arts groups, economic development organizations and social service agencies

  • To promote economic development through community engagement and quality programming

FACT will involve underserved populations in its programs as follows:
  • By working with area Schools

  •  By promoting free arts programs in the community

  • FACT’s programs will be diverse and respond to the needs in our community

  • FACT’s programs will embrace the entire community

  • FACT will continue to support other community groups by cooperating in their programs and projects.

  • When possible existing FACT programs will seek to include other groups in a cooperative manner.

FACT is committed:
  • To removing impediments that restrict participation in our programs including race, class, gender, location, physical handicap, and age

  • To placing art in public places

  • To working with other agencies in developing projects

  • To working with our city and regional governments to enhance economic development in our region

  • FACT will use as many diverse publicity techniques as possible

  • FACT will develop and fund didactic material and announcements for its programs

  • FACT will mail / e-mail this material to lists provided by artists involved in our programs

  • FACT will develop and maintain an email system with mailing lists that include: schools, social service agencies and the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County members

  • FACT will inform our area educators and elected officials about our programs

  • FACT will develop and maintain an active web site and social media sites


Evaluation of programs and projects is very important.  AT FACT, our programs and projects will be overseen by its executive director who works closely with FACT’s Board of Directors, teachers, consultants, volunteers, committee chairpersons, program artists and our treasurer.  These individuals are charged with evaluating each program based on FACT’s mission and goals. Each program and project is to be evaluated annually.

  • Was the project fiscally responsible?  This includes a cost and benefit analysis

  • Was the project consistent with the organization’s mission and goals?

  • Who was served?

  • Did the planning process include individuals with diverse backgrounds and constituencies?

  • Did the project have the support of other organizations and community groups?
    Were artists involved in the planning and implementation of the project/program?

  • Did the project generate publicity for FACT?

  • Were elected officials made aware of the program / project?

  • Were city and county officials consulted? If not should they have been?

  • What program components were most successful?

  • What program components need to be improved or re-worked?

  • Was the target audience reached?

  • What impact did the project have on existing programs?

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