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Power of the Arts Initiative – Mission Statement: To create and sustain a collaborative structure for the Arts and Culture community to effectively participate in our region’s revitalization and economic development and to positively impact our citizens’ quality of life.

The Power of the Arts Initiative has eleven key goals for the close of this year.

The Economic Impact Study Subcommittee shall:

  • conclude and distribute the results of the Americans for the Arts Economic Impact Study.

The Public Sector Funding for the Arts Subcommittee shall:

  • successfully conclude amending the Ohio Revised Code in the Ohio legislature to allow funding for Ohio Arts and Cultural Districts through an optional cigarette tax as is currently done in Cuyahoga County;

  • establish Arts and Cultural Districts through resolution of the County Commissioners in each of the affiliated counties and provide them with assistance in drafting the proper enabling legislation and governance structure generating alternate sources of funding for the arts launch the necessary ballot initiative in each of the affiliated counties to pass the proposed cigarette tax;

  • continue to strengthen ties between the participating counties in northeast Ohio to lobby the legislature for such initiatives as may address the common arts and culture needs of northeast Ohio and the participating counties; andTrack political conversations and meetings in a timeline and database for future use.

The Programming Steering Committee shall:

  • develop and maintain a new Power of the Arts logo and launch the Power of the Arts website to smoothly distribute information, increase constituent engagement, and raise public awareness;

  • deepen the engagement of the original constituents from the 2009 and 2010 start up phase to discuss progress and encourage collaboration;

  • build capacity within the arts community through community engagement and an arts and culture community education series;

  • maintain a database of interested members including arts and cultural organizations, individual artists, and community members; and

  • promote the Power of the Arts Initiative at events such as the YSU Summer Festival of the Arts to continue to engage the community.

The Power of the Arts Initiative is based upon grassroots support of the arts within the Mahoning Valley and upon the work and success of Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) in Cuyahoga County. CPAC was successful in passing a sin tax on cigarettes to help fund Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (CAC) which provides funding to arts and cultural institutions throughout Cuyahoga County. The Mahoning Valley grassroots input from the onset has given POA a uniquely Mahoning Valley character.

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